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Alleviating the pain and suffering of many by providing services related to Bariatric Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Laparoscopic Urosurgery and Endoscopic Urological Surgery since 1995..

About Us

The medical sector has witnessed abundant growth in the past few decades and has resulted in an increase in the lifespan of average human at the time of birth. Medical technology has advances to a point wherein surgeries can be performed with minimal invasion and thus mitigate the pain and suffering due to surgery. Dr. Jyotsna S. Kulkarni is one among the top specialists in the country when it comes to Laparoscopic Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Endoscopic Urological Surgery and Laparoscopic Urosurgery. The institute, which is run in partnership with her husband Dr. Sanjay B Kulkarni who is a world renowned reconstructive urosurgeon, has become a mecca for surgeons from across the globe with regards to urology and laparoscopy.  


It is said that, "an expert is a person with years of experience in a narrow domain". In keeping with this philosophy, I have focused the entirety of my efforts on a small area of medical sciences and emerged as one of the top institutes in the world. Some of the distinguishing factors that have made the institute a preferred choice for many are as follows:
  • I use the most sophisticated medical equipment that is available in the world and make use of every resource available at my disposal.
  • By focusing on individual cases I have been able to provide my patients with greater quality of service and ensure that they have a speedy recovery.
  • I have been training Urosurgeons and surgeons from all over the world in the field of urology and laparoscopy, which is testament to the expertise I have in the field.

Google defines experience as, "a practical contact with and observation of facts and events". Over the period of two decades since our inception, I have performe Laparoscopic Urosurgeries and Laparoscopic GI surgeries on a regular basis and have thus increased my knowledge in the domain and have become better capable of serving my patients. In order to spread the knowledge, I have gathered over the years I have made it a point to welcome surgeons from across the globe in order to share what I have learned and evolve into an institute working for the greater good of the people.